Three Arrested After Family Squabble

Occurred on 9/22/11, 04:33 a.m.  Wanted Subject    2934 Niagara   1109220014, 1109220015, 1109220016

Officers responded to a fight in progress arrived to find several subjects fighting and arguing in front of the residence.  Officers contacted Raul Sesario Flores (10/25/92) who told Officers he’d been involved in a fight with his father-in-law.  Flores who appeared to be intoxicated was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication.

The father-in-law, Mingo Bazan (07/21/76), was found to have an active warrant for his arrest.  Bazan fled into residence, while his wife Melissa Bazan (06/07/75) blocked the Officer from arresting her husband.  The wife was cursing at the Officer while striking his chest, telling him he wasn’t going to take “Mingo” away.  She continued to interfere, allowing Bazan to lock himself in the house.  Bazan refused to unlock the door and cursed Officers through the door.  Because Officers knew Bazan had a warrant, they forced the door open, entered the house, and arrested him.  He was charged with Evading Arrest and two outstanding warrants.  The first warrant was issued out of Nueces County for Non-Payment of Child Support with his Bond set at $3,800, while the second warrant was issued out of Municipal Court for Failure to Appear with a fine of $317.  Melissa Bazan was also arrested and charged with Interference with Public Duties.

Tenant Burglarizes His Apartment Complex’s Maintainance Storage Shed

Occurred on 9/22/11, 02:03 a.m.   Burglary of a Building   3030 Santa Fe     1109220008

Officers responded to a burglary in progress in which two brothers reported they were awakened by loud noises coming from the parking garage.  One of the brothers went to investigate and found his brother’s blue 2007  Honda Civic had been vandalized.  The front windshield had been shattered and the vehicle had deep scratches all over.  While inspecting the damage, he observed his neighbor, Dustin Baldwin (11/01/90) walking out of a storage shed belonging to the groundskeeper.  The padlock had been pried off and several boxes had been ransacked.   Baldwin was contacted at his apartment and taken into custody.  He was positively identified as the burglar and placed under arrest.  Baldwin was booked at the City Detention Center and charged with Burglary of a Building.  Baldwin was not charged with vandalizing the vehicle at this time.  The investigation is still ongoing.

Cab Driver Uninjured During Robbery

Occurred on 9/21/11, 10:49 p.m.  Robbery                   1534 S. Staples                1109210154

Officers contacted a year-old-old Green and Go cab driver who reported a Hispanic male robbed him at knifepoint while he was waiting for a client at Fox’s Den.  The cab driver told Officers he was in the parking lot when the suspect pulled open the door and pulled him from the cab.  The suspect threatened to stab the victim if he refused to hand over the money.  A struggle ensued when the suspect reached into the cab to take the victim’s money bag.  Both the cab driver and the suspect fell to the ground, but the suspect was able to escape and flee with victim’s money bag.  The victim told Officers he chased after the suspect, but was unable to catch him.  The suspect is described as husky built Hispanic male, in his mid-twenties, 5’8” feet tall, and weighing 220 lbs.  He was last seen wearing a dark-colored shirt, light-colored shorts, and white shoes.  Anyone having any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or the Corpus Christi Police Department Homicide/Robbery Bureau at 361-886-2841.

Citizen Alert Credit Card Fraud

Occurred Sept. 2011   Credit Card Abuse   5884 Everhart   1109130105, 1109200055, 1109200057

The Corpus Christi Police Dept. is investigating three complaints from the public that their credit cards have been billed extra charges by Two Georges Restaurant.

In the first incident, the victim was over charged $1,448.30.

In the second incident, the victim was over charged $482.51. 

In the third incident, the victim was over charged $603.87, but said he had not eaten at the restaurant in over two years.

Investigators with the Forgery unit ask citizens who have dined at Two Georges Restaurant in the past look at their credit card statements to ensure there are no erroneous charges from this or any other location.  If fraudulent charges are found, please contact the police department at (361) 886-2600 to file a report.  This report can be filed with the CCPD Telephone Reporting Unit.

Suspicious “Jumper”

Occurred 9/20/11, 11:38 PM       Kangaroo Sighting     4400 Old Brownsville Rd

 On Tuesday night, at 11:38 PM, the Corpus Christi Police Department received a call about suspicious activity.  The female caller said  she was driving on Old Brownsville Rd, passing the Gabe Lozano Golf Course, when a Kangaroo jumped across the road almost hitting her vehicle.  The caller added she was positive it was a Kangaroo and described it as being over five feet tall, light beige, with a long tail…hopping.  The Kangaroo allegedly hopped from the golf course to the field behind Del Mar College.

Officers responded to the scene, but were unable to locate the Kangaroo or the caller.

Update – Mary Mother of the Church Burglarized

Occurred 9/18/11, 7:30 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m. Burglary of a Building 1755 Frio 1109180140

Officers responded to Mary Mother of the Church for a burglary.  Officers contacted church staff members who reported they arrived to find the church lights on and the Sacristy Room along the Sanctuary burglarized.  Further investigation revealed there was not a forced entry, but the possibility the suspect or suspects hid inside the church and exited through a side door.  Approximately 100 hand-made rosaries and several gold amulets were stolen along with an undetermined amount of money.  The money was taken from two offering deposit box. 

Investigators identified four juveniles ages 10, 10, 11 & 13.  These juveniles have been referred to the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center for having been involved in the Burglary.

“Who are you?” – Don’t Know…

Occurred 9/20/11, 11:15 PM            Wanted Subject          4000 S. Staples            1109200148

While enforcing the no left turn signs at Staples and Everhart, an Officer stopped a vehicle for ignoring the No Left Turn sign.  When an occupant in the vehicle was asked her name, she stated, “Dunno.”  The Officer questioned this response, but soon discovered the name actually was Savannah Dunno (03/08/84).  She was found to have an active Nueces County warrant for damage to property and was arrested.

Mother’s Concern For Son Leads To Father’s Arrest

Occurred on 9/20/11, 12:06 a.m.  Wanted Subject      820 West Point  1109200002

Officers contacted the complainant who reported she was involved in a verbal argument with her boyfriend and he left with their five-year-old son.  The mother told Officers she was concerned for her son’s welfare.  Officers located Hugo Agulera (05/23/82) at 820 West Point.  Further investigation revealed, he was wanted on three  active warrants.  Agulera was arrested and booked at the CDC.  He was charged with a San Patricio County warrant for Assault, a Probation Violation warrant, along with a Motion  To Revoke Probation warrant.  All three outstanding warrants had No Bond set.  The child was safely returned to his mother.

Failure to Appear for Child Support Lands Speeder in Jail

Occurred on 9/19/11, 10:28 p.m.  Wanted Subject       1400 N.P.I.D.        11-09190175

An Officer pulled over a sports utility vehicle for speeding in the 1400 block of N. Padre Island Drive.  Pedro Bustamonte Flores (06/05/82) was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  Flores was arrested and booked at the CDC.  He was charged with the outstanding Nueces County Warrant for Failure to Appear for Child Support.  He was given a verbal warning for the speeding.

Neighbor Threatens To Shoot Boxer Who Charged At His Children

Occurred on 9/19/11, 7:28 p.m.   Deadly Conduct   702 S. Clarkwood  Road     1109190154

Officers responded to the Sea Mist Mobile Home Park for a disturbance with gun.  Upon their arrival, Officers contacted the 20-year-old victim who reported her 25-year-old neighbor threatened her with a gun.  The victim told Officers her neighbor was upset her boxer had escaped and gone into his yard where his children play.  The victim told Officers she walked the dog to the neighbor’s house and told the dog not to go over there again.  The victim told Officer’s the neighbor then pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot her dog if it went into his yard again.  The neighbor denied having a gun or pointing it at the victim, but did warn her, he would shoot the dog if it charged at his kids again.  The neighbor allowed Officers to check the residence for a firearm, but one was not located.  The investigation is ongoing.

Corpus Christi Police Daily Blotter

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