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Corpus Christi Police Investigate 17th Fatal Traffic Crash of 2016

Date:  Saturday, August 27, 2016, 22:47
Location: 200 Block of Navigation Boulevard
Event: Vehicle Crash with fatal injury

Crash Number: C1605685/1608260155

The Corpus Christi Police Traffic Safety Section investigated the 17th vehicle crash with a fatal injury of 2016 Saturday night. Corpus Christi Police responded to the 200 block of South Navigation Boulevard at 10:47pm in reference to a single vehicle crash.  Crash Investigators believe that a 43-year-old man and his 44-year-old wife were involved in a disturbance just south of the crash location.  Investigators believe the couple left the scene of the disturbance and travelled north on Navigation.  Investigators believe the 43-year-old man drove with the 44-year-old woman as the passenger.  Investigators believe the vehicle left the roadway to the right, struck a culvert, and flipped end over end several times.  The 43-year-old man was ejected and the 44-year-old woman was partially ejected.  Corpus Christi Fire Department Medics arrived and transported the 43-year-old man to the hospital for treatment.  The 44-year-old woman suffered at a minimum some broken bones.  Crash Investigators believe that the 43-year-old man had consumed alcoholic drinks before operating the vehicle.  Corpus Christi Crash Investigators marked, photographed, and Laser mapped the scene for their investigation.  Unfortunately, the 43-year-old man did not survive the crash. The 44-year-old woman is expected to recover. There were no other reports of property damage or injuries.

Crash Caused Causeway to Close For an Hour Today

Date: Monday, August 8, 2016, 10:34am
Location: 13900 Park Road 22
Event: Crash which caused complete closure of JFK Causeway
Crash Number: C1605139

Corpus Christi Police responded to the 13900 block of Park Road 22 at 10:34am to a city vehicle crash with downed lines that crossed the roadway. The lines extended across all four lanes of PR22.  Several units from the Corpus Christi Police Traffic Safety Section responded to assist. Investigation revealed that the city unit had an arm lift that was extended up. It was extended up because there was a generator on the back of the open bed preventing the arm to properly be set in place. As the city unit traveled west, it brought down what was later identified as a cable line. AEP was on scene with Grande who had trouble with the line.  AEP was credited as a huge help with this incident.  The Utilities supervisor was present. Both east and westbound traffic was at a stand still for about an hour before the roadway was opened to normal use.

Truck involved in the crash which dropped electrical lines on the roadway

Crime Stoppers Tip Leads Investigators to Arrest For Flour Bluff Fatal Hit and Run

Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 21:40
Location: 1800 Flour Bluff Drive
Offense: Accident Involving Injury or Death
Case Number: 1608030159

Corpus Christi Police arrested 27-year-old Nicholas Brenz (12/11/1988) Friday afternoon based on a tip to Crime Stoppers for a hit and run crash that happened Wednesday night on Flour Bluff Drive which killed a 35-year-old woman.

A 35-year-old female was with her friends on August 3rd when they stopped on Don Patricio to pick up items which were mistakenly left on the top of the car and had fallen to the road. A truck, that was traveling north, struck the 35-year-old woman and threw the 35-year-old woman into the south bound lanes where she was then run over by at least two more vehicles. The truck did not remain and fled the scene. The 35-year-old woman did not survive the crash.

This is the 15th traffic fatality for 2016 in Corpus Christi.

A tip from Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers led investigators to discover the truck at about 12:30pm Friday on the 400 block of Polaris Drive in Flour Bluff. Investigators learned that the owner of the truck was not a resident of the home on Polaris, but shortly after the truck was discovered, Nicholas Brenz walked to the Flour Bluff Police Sub-station and surrendered to Officers. Investigators interviewed Brenz and then obtained a warrant for the arrest of Brenz for Accident Involving Injury or Death with a bond amount of $150,000.

This is the 48th tip to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers which has led to an arrest in 2016.

Investigators are thankful to the Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers community for the help to discover the primary vehicle responsible for this crash. Investigators continue to search for additional vehicles and drivers involved in the crash, but say there is no interest to pursue any more criminal accusations in this case. The Investigators say they want to close out the case and want anyone involved to feel comfortable with coming forward to provide information.

Police Arrest Man For Morning Hit & Run on Paul Jones Avenue

Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 6:10am
Location: Paul Jones Avenue at South Padre Island Drive
Offense: Accident Involving Injury or Death (Transportation Code Section 550.021) Felony
Case Number: 1607200031

Corpus Christi Police arrested 40-year-old Alexis Derise Jr. (8/10/1975) in relation to a hit and run crash on Paul Jones Avenue Wednesday morning in which a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle and the vehicle fled the scene.

Corpus Christi Police responded to a crash scene at Paul Jones Avenue and South Padre Island Drive at 6:10am after a RTA bus driver called police when they found a man with obvious injuries and a bicycle laid in the roadway by the curb. Officers learned that the bicyclist was a 61-year-old man and was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment of serious injuries. Witnesses told Officers there was a truck that may have struck the man on the bicycle, but the operator of the truck did not stop to aid the 61-year-old man and left the area prior to law enforcement arrival.

Officers searched the area and at 8:20am, located a green and tan Ford F-250 on the 8300 block of Moffett Circle which they believed may have been involved in the crash. Officers located Derise in his nearby house on the 8300 block of Moffett Circle and brought Derise to Police Headquarters for an interview. Officers impounded the truck and then gathered enough evidence to conclude that they believe Derise operated the truck that struck the 61-year-old man, that Derise did not stop to render aid, and Derise did not make an attempt to summon emergency services as required by the Texas Transportation Code. Officers arrested Derise, took him to the hospital for a medical evaluation, and then delivered Derise to the city detention center with the accusation of Accident Involving Injury or Death. Investigators will gather more information about the condition of the 61-year-old man.

Patrol Report July 19, 2016

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 1389 calls for service and generated 258 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. July 18 to 10:30 a.m. on July 19, 2016. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 8:53am
Location: 8000 South Padre Island Drive
Event: Vehicle Crash
Crash Number: C1604613

Corpus Christi Police worked several vehicle crashes near the Oso Bridge along the 8000 block of South Padre Island Drive this morning after drivers sighted a water spout. Officers responded to the complaints of vehicle crashes at 8:53 this morning and learned there were ten vehicles involved in collisions on the roadway. At least one person was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Drivers told Officers a water spout was sited and some vehicles stopped in an effort to avoid the weather hazard. Several vehicles were towed due to damage. The bridge was not closed down because the weather hazard was gone by the time the emergency crews arrived.

Water spout in Oso Bay (photo by Senior Officer Denise Pace)
Water spout in Oso Bay
(photo by Senior Officer Denise Pace)

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 4:29am
Location: 300 Coke Street
Offense: Arson
Case Number:

Corpus Christi Police responded to a complaint of arson at an abandoned and unoccupied residential structure located on the 300 block of Coke Street Tuesday morning. Fire Fighters with the Corpus Christi Fire Department believe the fire was intentionally set and must be investigated as a crime. No injuries were reported and Investigators are seeking information to determine who owns the structure at 320 Coke Street.

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 1:42am
Location: Carroll Lane at South Padre Island Drive
Offense: Driving While Intoxicated as a 2nd Offense (Penal Code Section 49.04) Class A Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1607190013

Corpus Christi Police arrested 36-year-old Eusebio Guillen (8/30/1979) for Driving While Intoxicated with a previous conviction at Carroll Lane and South Padre Island Drive Tuesday morning. Corpus Christi Police responded to investigate a stalled green 2006 Land Rover sport utility vehicle in the intersection at 1:40am. Officers found Guillen asleep in the driver’s seat with the engine running. Officers woke Guillen and determined he was not in medical distress, but was intoxicated. Officers impounded the vehicle, took Guillen to the hospital to collect a specimen of his blood, and delivered Guillen to the city detention center. Officers learned that Guillen had previously convicted of Driving While Intoxicated and so the Tuesday accusation was enhanced to a Class A Misdemeanor.

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 1:04am
Location: 2725 Leopard Street
Event: Missing Child
Case Number: 16070190004

Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to this call for a missing 10-year-old boy. The child had not been seen since 7:00PM. The mother thought the 10-year-old boy had gone to the swimming pool with a friend and then afterwards was with the grand mother. The grand mother thought the boy was with the mother. The child had no mental health issues, and is known as a good kid. Officers exhausted a search of the apartment and they went door to door to contact as many neighbors as possible. The father found the child at Zavala park at 1:04AM near a grandmother’s residence. The child said he was upset with his parents. The child was returned home.

Search the website to research all reported criminal activity in Corpus Christi. Anyone who knows any additional information about these crimes should contact the Corpus Christi Police Department at 886-2840. Information about unsolved crimes may be provided to investigators anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS (8477) or online at Information provided to Crime Stoppers which results in an arrest may earn the caller a cash reward.

Traffic Safety Section Investigates Pedestrian Crash on Staples

Date, Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 2130 Hours
Location: 5800 block of Staples Street
Incident: Vehicle Crash with a Pedestrian
Crash Number: C1603457

Corpus Christi Police responded to a major vehicle crash that involved a pedestrian on the 5800 block of Staples Street Tuesday night.  Officers learned that an unidentified woman walked across Staples at about 9:30pm from the Country Village shopping area towards Burnham.  Witnesses told Officers that the woman did not react to the horns honking in efforts to alert her as she was in the street.  A 37-year-old man drove a full size pickup with a heavy brush guard which struck the woman.  Officers observed no indication of impairment with the 37-year-old man, and he was released at the scene.  At the time of this report, the woman is in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition.  No citations or criminal charges have been applied in this crash.

Seat Belt enforcement is going on at Staples & SPID until 11:30am. Buckle your seatbelt! PIO4


Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of a fatal injury to people in the front seat of passenger cars by 45 percent. For those in pickups, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 60 percent since pickups are twice as likely to roll over as passenger vehicles. (NHTSA)

Witness Being Sought- Fatal Crash

Black TruckDate: Saturday, May 14, 2016, 1:27 a.m.
5800 Weber Road
Offense: Fatality Crash
Case Number: 1605140017

Police traffic investigators are reaching out to the occupants of a black pick up truck that was involved in a minor crash prior to a fatal crash.  The black pick up probably sustained rear end damage in that minor crash.  Investigators believe that there were also several passengers in the truck at the time of this incident.

The driver of the truck is not a suspect in the fatal crash investigation but is thought to be a witness to the events prior to the fatal crash.

Anybody with information about this truck is encouraged to call the traffic investigators at 886-2689.