Due to the expected rainfall, please watch out for flooding.

We want our community to be safe as they travel on the roadways.

Please stay home if possible.  

If you have to travel, drive slower than usual so that you have time to react to other traffic on the roadway.

Turn on your head lights so that you are visible to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Be aware of possible flooding in low lying areas.

Do not drive around barricades or through flooded streets.

The following areas currently experiencing flooding.  Please avoid these areas if possible.  Several vehicles are currently stalled.  

Access road along SPID both eastbound and westbound are affected including:  Ayers, Kostoryz, Weber, Staples, Airline, Rodd Field and Waldron.

500 block of Old Robstown is closed off due to flooding.  

McArdle at Shopping Way 

7100 block of Rodd Field

Please drive safely.