At approximately 10:49 am officers were dispatched to the area of the 2500 block of HWY 181 northbound for a jumper on the bridge and a secondary call for a stalled vehicle.

Upon arrival, the reporting party advised that they were attempting to corral a cat that was on the causeway, unsuccessfully.    

It was determined that the cat had retreated in the wheel well of their vehicle.  Despite the location and the dangerous situation for all involved, officers attempted to remove the cat to a safe location.  

At the moment the officer grabbed the cat, the cat bit the officer on the hand, resulting in the officer releasing the cat.  The cat landed on the topside of the jersey barricade; the cat then scurried on to the ledge of the roadway.   As the reporting party and an officer attempted to retrieve the cat from the ledge, the cat jumped into the water.  The cat was observed swimming away.  

Officers utilized drones and a boat to search for the cat for over two hours, without success. 

The officer is currently at a local hospital and received a total of seven shots for rabies prevention, as the cat appeared to be diseased and feral. 

While we understand the compassion of citizens wanting to rescue an animal, we highly discourage our citizens from stopping on a highway or causeway. This places not only our citizens but our officers in a highly dangerous environment.