In an effort to provide superior service to our community, the Corpus Christi Police Department will be adding additional resources to our telephone reporting unit on the weekends.

The police department will continue to utilize the telephone reporting unit for all not in progress report calls. What this means, is that calls that are not in progress, where there is no imminent danger, where there is no felony type offense being committed, crimes that do not involve criminal acts against minor children, crimes that do not involve sexual contact, or burglaries to a building or residence, will be handled by an officer via telephone.

After gathering the particulars of your call, if your complaint is identified as a not in progress report call, the dispatcher will log your information into our system and a police officer will call you back to assist you with your report. The time and date for the return call will be identified by the dispatcher.

These additional resources are being made in an effort to maintain good service and to reduce the response time for in progress calls.

We hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.