Meet Your CCPD

Lieutenant Maria Huerta-Garcia is a 17-year veteran officer and began her career with the Corpus Christi Police Department in May 2004.

During her 17 years on the department Lt. Huerta-Garcia has served in the Uniform Patrol Division, was a Field Training Officer, held a key role in Administration as the Accreditation Manager, and Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2015. As a first line supervisor she served again in the Uniform Patrol Division and Traffic Safety Section before transferring to the Training Division in 2019 as the Police Academy Coordinator.

Lt. Huerta-Garcia has been awarded Patrol Officer of the Month three times, received a Letter of Recognition and Letter of Commendation while in patrol, a letter of Appreciation from Narcotic/Vice Investigation Division, has competed for and successfully been awarded Physical Fitness Top Tier since the inception of the award.

In addition to serving her Corpus Christi community Lt. Huerta-Garcia serves her nation as a reservist with the United States Coast Guard.