Preparing for an active Shooter situation

Unfortunately, active shooters incidents have become too common. The Corpus Christi Police Department wants all our community to be safe no matter where they are.

I heard this saying once and it has stuck with me “Your body will not go where your mind has not already been”. Officers are trained to think of the “What if’s”, what if this happens what will I do. We are taught to constantly go over scenarios in our mind so that when something bad happens we have a plan to act.

This will work with our community as well.

When you are at out during your day think about the “what ifs”. What if there is an active shooter at my current location? Do I know where the exits are? If one of the exits is in the path of the shooter, do I have a secondary exit? If I can not get out, can I barricade a door to keep the shooter from entering? If I must defend myself what can I use as a weapon?

Have a plan, know your exits, run from the threat, hide if you can’t, and fight if you must!

Know that the Corpus Christi Police Department is on the way to stop the threat.

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