At approximately 4:43 PM Officers were dispatched to the 5700 block of South Staples, reference a possible shooter.  The reporting party noted that a male was entering a business while carrying a rifle, which caused concern that it may be an active shooter.  Corpus Christi Police Officers responded accordingly and meticulously with the details they were initially provided with.

Upon further investigation it was determined that the incident was not what it was originally believed to be and was a misunderstanding.

An employee of a business in the shopping center was carrying his personal weapon into his place of employment with no ill intentions.  Employees from surrounding businesses observed the male entering  the business with the rifle and believed that the male may be committing a crime, which placed them in fear for their safety.

Contact was made with the male and he cooperated fully with Officers on scene.  After it was determined that the male did not pose a danger to public, the scene was cleared by Officers.

We do want to thank the public for being alert and attentive and we are glad that the call today was a false alarm in the end.  As with anything suspicious; if you see something, say something.