It Could Be Dangerous To Catch A Ride On Social Media



The Vehicles for Hire Office wants to educate the citizens of Corpus Christi about individuals advertising for local rides on social media and ad websites like craigslist without having the proper city permits and or a Certificate of Operations to conduct themselves as a driver.  This has been an ongoing situation and we want citizens to be aware of it.

Individuals engaging in this activity of offering rides and charging money, will face several fines including driving without having a permit and Driving without a Certificate of Operations, and impoundment of the vehicle (s) among others.

Our priority is the safety of the public and, mostly for the citizens taking a ride with a driver.  We want to make sure that when an individual gets into a vehicle with a driver that they feel confident that a background check has been done on the driver and that the company is meeting all the requirements and is compliant with city codes.

Vehicle for Hire Drivers will need to have their city permit always visible to the public. If you don’t see one, ask the driver to show you their city permit, if the driver doesn’t have a permit, we advise to get out of the vehicle and call the Police.  Also, be advise that another way to determine if a vehicle is permitted is to look for a maroon windshield sticker.  Each vehicle is required to have one on the front windshield on the upper passenger side and on the rear windshield on the bottom driver’s side.

We all would like to envision that we are putting a love one (Mother, wife, or daughter) in a vehicle and they would make it to their destination safely.  Especially, if our love one calls for a driver in the middle of the night.

Vehicles for Hire Office also wants to remind the public that Ride Sharing Companies such as Uber or Lyft are now State Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and registration TDLR. If there’s any complaint in regards to those specific companies please go to

If you ever have a doubt or complaint about a Taxi or Vehicle for Hire Company or you are not sure if the company is permitted, or the driver please do not hesitate to contact the Vehicle for Hire Office at (361) 826-3558 Respectfully,


Grace Elledge
Vehicle for Hire Inspector
Corpus Christi Police Department
Office: 361-826-3558