Stealth Car Is Coming For Traffic Safety (1)


What you need to know about your CCPD’s upcoming “Stealth Car” traffic safety effort:

  • Stealth Car has numerous red and blue flashing lights but does not have a light bar on the roof.
  • Stealth Car does not display POLICE decals or markings on the body of the car.
  • Stealth Car will be deployed only during daytime/daylight hours.
  • Stealth Car is operated by an Officer wearing a complete CCPD Police Uniform.
  • Stealth Car will spend time on city roadways that have documented high incidences of speed and distracted driving related crashes and fatalities.
  • Stealth Car Officer can tell when a violator continues to travel in an effort to find a safe location for the Officer to make contact. We appreciate a safe location for the stop.