“Home Invasion” Robbery Suspect Is Arrested, Prime Suspect In 5 Robberies

Moises Espino, 09/08/1995, was arrested on 06/20/2017 at about 10:00 A.M. for the robbery of a Taqueria restaurant in the 4400 block of Greenwood Drive and also for a robbery that occurred about fifteen minutes before that at another restaurant in the 4900 block of Ayers St.

We also believe that he is responsible for two “Home Invasion” type residential robberies, one in the 4600 block of Larkspur Lane on 06/18 and one in the 3300 block of Greenwood Drive on 06/14.  He is also the prime suspect for the robbery of the Times Market, 3300 Ayers St. on 06/19.

This repeat offender has been booked on two of the robbery charges and we anticipate filing at least three more on him once those investigations are complete.



Moises Espino     09/08/1995