Patrol Report March 27, 2017

Date: Friday, March 24, 2017, 10:20 PM
Location: Carroll Ln @ SPID Eastbound
Offense: Aggravated Assault
Case Number: 1703240145

A Corpus Christi Police Officer was patrolling in the area of Carroll Ln and Gollihar. The officer pulled behind a vehicle which quickly pulled into a parking lot without signaling. The officer followed the vehicle on SPID and observed the vehicle quickly change lanes without signaling and then make another signaling infraction. The officer activated the emergency overhead equipment and stop the vehicle. The officer make contact with the occupants of the vehicle.

As the officer contacted the occupants he immediately could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. He also observed the 29 year old male driver to have dried blood on both hands, a scratch to his face and blood on his shirt. He observed the 27 year old female passenger to have blood on her knees, arms and appeared to have some blood under her nose. Officers detained the male driver while they investigated. The officers learned that the couple had been arguing earlier at the mall. The suspect (male driver) thought that the victim had been cheating on him. The victim stated that the suspect punched her with a closed fist several times as well as backhanding her. During the questioning the officers observed the victim to have a bloody nose and a swollen lip. The victim tried to defend herself to stop the suspect from assaulting her. The suspect picked up a beer bottle striking the victim in the head several times until it broke causing a laceration. Medics checked and treated the victim at the scene. Officers arrested Jose Arrambide (12-06-1987) and transported him to the City Detention Center.

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2017, 6:22 PM
Location: 4200 Laguna Shores
Offense: Discharging a Firearm in Certain Municipalities
Case Number: 1703260103

Corpus Christ Police Officers were dispatched to the area of 100 Whiteley in reference to a disturbance with shots fired. Officers were advised that a male was observed getting out of the water near Bluffs Landing (4200 Laguna Shores), coming from a boat that was stuck on a sandbar a few hundred feet away. Officers received a description a male walking with no shirt or shoes wearing black shorts.  Officers checked the area and located that suspect walking Northbound in the area of 4200 Laguna Shores. The officers observed a handgun in his left hand and a electronic device in the other. Officers gave commands and safely detained the suspect. Officers went back to the area of 100 Whiteley and contacted the complainants. The officers were informed that the suspect and another person were on the boat when it got stuck. The suspect kept revving the engine and was told to stop before he damaged the motor. The other person took the keys from the suspect and refused to give them back. The suspect then fired two rounds into the water. Officers contacted several other witnesses that observed the suspect fire the rounds in the water. Officers arrested Anthony Bowlin (02-10-1976) and transported him to the City Detention Center.

Date: Monday, March 27, 2017, 12:59 AM
Location: 2800 Ruth Street
Offense: Kidnapping
Case Number: 1703270009

A Corpus Christi Police Officer was flagged down in the area of S. Port and Buford by a woman screaming for help. The officer contacted the 32 year old female victim who advised him that she was being held against her will at a house on the 2800 block of Ruth St. The victim told offices that she needed a place to stay for a couple of days and the 35 year old male suspect allowed her to stay there. The victim stated that on Saturday (03-25-2017) the victim told the suspect that she was leaving to which he replied “no you’re not.” On Sunday (03-26-2017) she stated that the suspect began to act strange. She said she wanted to leave and the suspect threatened her with a knife. When she tried to leave the suspect threatened to cut her up if she tried to leave. The victim stated that the suspect would not let her out of his sight and kept her in the back bedroom. The victim stated that when the suspect would leave that he would make her go with him. The victim stated that the suspect kept threatening to hurt her and showing her a knife.

The victim stated that she was with the suspect when she saw the police unit. He told her to get in the car and pulled a knife on her. The victim broke loose and ran screaming for the police car. The suspect chased her but stopped when he saw the police unit turn around. Officers went to the area of 28oo Ruth Street and located the suspect sitting inside a vehicle. Officers detained the suspect and continued their investigation. Officers were able to establish that the victim had been at the residence and had the Crime Scene Unit process the crime scene. Officers arrested David Nino (12-05-1981) and transported him to the City Detention Center.