Corpus Christi Police Department announce Spring Break Plans

The City of Corpus Christi wants everyone visiting our sparkling City during Spring Break 2017 to enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation. The police department, fire department and parks and recreation departments along with state and local partners have been conducting planning sessions and making preparations to accomplish that goal.  Spring break beach patrols begin on Friday March 10 and continue through Sunday March 19th Contingencies are in place for additional officers to respond to the beach if needed.

Traffic officers will be out on the roadways ensuring the safety of those traveling to our beaches and monitoring lights on the island to assist with traffic flow.

On peak days, beach goers will be directed to enter the beach at Newport Pass and exit on Zahn Road. Traffic officers will control traffic with a portable traffic control signal at Zahn Road and SH 361.

Access Rd. 3 will remain open, but that portion of the beach is state owned and will remain natural. 4-wheel drive is recommended for area of the beach from Access Rd. 3 to Newport Pass.

Beach goers are encouraged to leave early and expect delays due to heavy traffic on the Island. The CCPD’s Public Information Office will provide traffic and beach updates on reverse alert. You can register for Reverse Alert notifications at You can also get information from the CCPD’s Twitter feed (CorpusChristiPolice@Corpus ChristiPD), and Facebook page.

While the City of Corpus Christi encourages everyone to have a good time and enjoy the beach, officers will be on the lookout for alcohol related crimes such as DWI, public intoxication, and underage drinking. In line with these efforts, Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers wants everyone to help reduce teen drinking. Anyone who calls Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS to report minors drinking alcohol will be rewarded with $250 cash for each enforcement action event and Crime Stoppers guarantees to keep the callers identity a secret.

Beach goers are reminded that the following are prohibited on the beach by city ordinance:

No Glass Containers
No littering
No dogs on the beach from Newport Pass to Bob Hall Pier from 11 am to 8 pm.
No operation of any motorized vehicles in the dunes 10-72(a)

Campfire means a fire contained in a barbecue pit constructed and maintained by the city, or in a portable barbecue pit, or an open fire in a fire pit or on the ground, and is not larger than three (3) feet in any dimension.

No person may build, operate, or use a fire on any beach along the Gulf of Mexico unless in accordance with the provisions of this section.

A person may build, operate, or use a campfire on a beach along the Gulf of Mexico, if: the campfire is at least fifty (50) feet from any permanent structure, at least seventy-five (75) feet from any vegetation line or dune, and at least twenty-five (25) feet from any vehicle with combustible fuel; and the prevailing wind will not blow embers into or beyond the dunes. Any wind coming from between the easterly and southerly direction that exceeds twenty (20) miles per hour as reported by the National Weather Service at the Corpus Christi Airport is considered capable of blowing embers into and beyond the dunes.

Again the Corpus Christi Police Department wants everyone to have a safe and fun Spring Break.