Man Drives Into Crash Scene, Gets Arrested

Date: Sunday, December 18, 2016, 2:19am
Location: Devon at Gollihar
Offense: Driving While Intoxicated with B.A.C. over .15 (Penal Code Section 49.02) Class A Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1612180021

Corpus Christi Police arrested 31-year-old Pete Valdez (6/10/1985) at the intersection of Gollihar and Devon Sunday morning for driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration at or above twice the legal limit.

Corpus Christi Police had Gollihar closed to normal traffic while they investigated a vehicle crash with a fatal injury when a silver 2012 Dodge Avenger approached the scene and ran over road flares before the vehicle stopped. Officers described the vehicle’s movement as having nearly struck a vehicle in the road which was part of the crash scene. The Officers met with the operator of the Avenger, Pete Valdez, and discovered Valdez had consumed alcoholic drinks soon before operating the vehicle. Officers conducted an investigation to the condition of Valdez and arrested Valdez for Driving While Intoxicated and for driving with an invalid license.

Officers impounded the Avenger and delivered Valdez to the city detention center.