Traffic Safety Section Investigates 29th Fatal Vehicle Crash for 2016

Date: Sunday, December 11, 2016, 21:00
Location: State Highway 358 at Airline Road
Event: Vehicle Crash with Fatal Injury
Crash Number: C1608873

The Corpus Christi Police Traffic Safety Section is investigating the 29th vehicle crash with a fatal injury of 2016 which happened Sunday night at the Airline exit ramp on State Highway 358.

Corpus Christi Police responded to a motor vehicle crash on the westbound exit ramp of State Highway 358 at Airline at 9pm. Officers learned that a 57 year old man lost control of his 2005 Harley Davidson motorcycle at the exit ramp and was laid in the road when a white Mitsubishi Outlander struck him.  The 57 year old man did not wear a helmet at the time of the crash and did not survive the crash.

The 45 year old woman who operated the Outlander stopped and provided information to Police. No citations or charges have been applied to the 45 year old woman.

While the Corpus Christi Police Traffic Safety Section conducted the crash investigation, a silver 2013 Nissan Versa drove through the line of flares on the ground, between Police Patrol cars, over stop sticks, and almost struck a Corpus Christi Police Officer. Officers stopped the vehicle and contacted 22 year old Jonathan Campbell (8/22/1994). The Officers determined Campbell was not intoxicated, and then arrested Campbell for Interference with Public Duties and Disregard a Traffic Control Device. No injuries resulted from Campbell driving through the scene of the investigation, but one Officer reported he was narrowly missed by the Versa as it drove through the scene.