Threat Made To Flour Bluff Schools, Offender Located And Interviewed

Date: Tuesday September 20, 2016 07:34 a.m.
Location: 207 Hustlin Hornet Drive
Offense: Terroristic Threats
Case Number: 1609200021

Administrators at the Flour Bluff Junior High School checked overnight voicemail on the schools answering machine this morning to hear a message that threatened school buildings and school employees.  This message appeared to come from a parent who was quickly identified.

FBISD security and CCPD Officers immediately supplemented the security to the Junior High School and the Elementary School.  FBISD parents were notified about the incident by an automated messaging system.   The Offender was contacted at his place of employment and interviewed.   He was not arrested at this point in the investigation. The investigation will continue with the possibility of criminal charges.