Patrol Report September 20, 2106

Date: Monday, September 19, 2016, 3:25PM
Location: 5400 SPID
Offense: Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (PC 30.04)
Case Number: 1609190138

Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to Moore Plaza in reference to a burglary to a vehicle. Officers arrived and saw a Mercedes with a broken window. The victim was contacted and advised that he had come from a bank on Weber Road. He withdrew cash, paced it in a bank bag and put it under his seat. He went into HEB and when he came out he observed his window was broken and the bank bag was gone.

A security guard saw a green SUV parked next to the victims vehicle. When he approached the SUV the left in a hurry. The bank bag was the only item taken. There is no description of any suspects.

Date: Monday, September 19, 2016, 8:53PM
Location: 1900 Mussett
Offense: Violation of a Court Order (PC 25.07) Possession of a Controlled Substance (HS 481.115)
Case Number: 1609190188

Officers stopped a vehicle for no license plate in the 1900 block of Mussett. When officers contacted the driver he was extremely nervous. The driver told officers that he did not want any trouble and that he might still have an active protective order. The driver was detained and found to have a active protective order which prohibited him from being within 200 yards of 2000 Mussett.

The driver, Gavino Gonzales (9/26/1994) was arrested for violating a court order. He was also found to have 2 rocks of crack cocaine in his sock. He was transported to the City Detention Center.

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 12:29AM
Location: 10500 Heizer
Offense: Assault Family Violence (PC 22.01), Endangering a Child (PC 22.041) Resisting Arrest (PC 38.03)
Case Number: 1609200005

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 10500 Heizer in reference to a disturbance. As officers arrived they observed a male coming out of a apartment holding a small child and with another child following him. Officers asked what was going on, the 28 year old male told officers that she was trying to run out with the children and that he wasn’t going to let that happen. Officers asked where the female was the male pointed to another apartment.

A 25 year old female came out of the apartment. She was breathing heavily and could not talk. When officers attempted to talk with her the male became irate and started cussing at the female. The male went into an apartment and officers followed to find out what was happening. The male stated that they began arguing because she was coughing and he didn’t want her to wake up the children. He stated that she tried to run out with the children and he stopped her.

The female was contacted and advised that her and the male were together when she started to have trouble breathing and began to cough. She stated that while she was looking for her inhaler, the male told her to shut up and not wake the kids. She stated that he then told her to “go ahead and die”. The argument escalated and she started to leave with the children. She stated that the male grabbed her by the hair and pulled her black inside and took a 2 year old from her arms and threw him (the child) on the couch. She stated that the male punched her in the forehead with his fist.

Officers went to contact the suspect, Joshua Lynn Wilson (11/07/1987) and arrest him for assault family violence. He was still holding the 2 year old male even after officers told him several times to put the child down. Joshua backed into the apartment holding the child between the officers. He was told again to put the child down. At this point he began swinging the child back and forth using him as a barrier between him and the officers. Two officers grabbed the suspect and a third was able to remove the child from the suspect. As officers were attempting handcuff the suspect, he began to resist. Officers had to utilize their TASER in order to get the suspect into custody.

The child was not injured during the altercation.  Joshua Wilson was arrested and transported to the City Detention Center.