Officer Nominated for Top Cop Award

Each year since 1994 NAPO has presented the TOP COPS Awards® Ceremony. The purpose of the TOP COPS Awards® is to educate the American public about our nation’s heroes and to pay tribute to law enforcement officers in federal, state, county, tribal and local agencies from across the country for actions above and beyond the call of duty during the preceding year. Our TOP COPS are nominated by fellow officers.  An independent Awards Selection Committee comprised of national law enforcement representatives select, from hundreds of nominations, one TOP COP case from each of the 50 States and U.S. territories.  Officers from the top ten cases are selected as our  TOP COPS Award® Winners.

Senior Officer Amador Gonzalez has been nominated and will attend the 22nd Annual National Association of Police Organizations’ TOP COP Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday May 12, 2015.

On March 20, 2014, Senior Officer Amador Gonzalez was responding to assist a fellow officer who was attempting to make contact with a person who fit the description of a prowler. As Officer Gonzalez was arriving on scene, he observed the suspect pull out a gun and begin firing at him and Officer S. Goodman. Seconds later, he witnessed the other officer go down after being hit in the neck and leg. Officer Gonzalez immediately returned fire, wounding the suspect in the chest. The suspect then got into one of the patrol vehicles and attempted to flee the scene. In his attempt to evade capture, the suspect struck a telephone pole and was apprehended. Despite being wounded, Officer Gonzalez rushed to the aid of his fellow officer who was severely bleeding and applied a tourniquet. Officer Gonzalez, who was also wounded, tended to his own injuries until help could arrive. Officer Gonzalez’ selfless service, helped to save the life of a fellow officer. Officer Gonzalez was awarded the Police Medal of Honor by the Corpus Christi Police Department for displaying exceptional bravery while facing imminent risk of serious bodily injury and the Police Shield for sustaining injury.