1087 Weapons Stolen in 2013

In 2013 the Corpus Christi Police Department entered 1087 weapons as stolen into the National Crime Information Computer and the Texas Crime Information Computer system.  The weapons are “entered” into the system so that any Law Enforcement Agency can check to see if a weapon is stolen should they come upon one in their course of duties. The weapons are entered into the NCIC/TCIC system by make, model, color,  and serial number at minimum.

Of the 1087 weapons that were stolen in Corpus Christi last year, 407 (37%) were entered into the system without a serial number as the owner did not have one to provide to Officers. 173 (16%) of the weapons were taken from vehicles that were burglarized or where the vehicle was stolen and had a weapon left in the vehicle (145 total reports). In March of 2013 a weapon, that was stolen from a vehicle, was used in a two robberies and a burglary before it had even been reported stolen to police.

As a reminder please lock your weapons in a secure area when you are not at home. We also ask you to document the serial number to each one of your weapons and store it in a safe location. A vehicle glove box and even the trunk are not secure places to store a weapon. Gun safes are readily available for vehicles and are highly recommended for those with Concealed Handgun Licenses.

Don’t let weapons get into the wrong hands.