Patrol Report January 27, 2014

The Corpus Christi Police Department generated 459 original reports for formal criminal complaints from midnight January 24 to 6:00am January 27, 2014. These are a sample of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.

“Adam” District

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014, 18:28

Location: 4001 Cliff Crenshaw Street

Offense: Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle (Penal Code Section 31.07) State Jail Felony

Case Number: 1401230138

A 48-year-old man reported an unauthorized use of a vehicle from 4001 Cliff Crenshaw Street to Corpus Christi Police Thursday. The 48-year-old man told Officers an unknown person cut the lock and chain of a fence without permission and stole a flatbed trailer and John Deere tractor with a total value of about $14,500 dollars. The 48-year-old man told Officers the tractor has a front end loader and rear shredder and is used to maintain little league fields for kids in the Annaville area.

Date: Monday, January 27, 2014, 4:44am

Location: 14617 Northwest Boulevard

Offense: Burglary of a Coin Operated Machine (Penal Code Section 30.03) Class A Misdemeanor

Case Number: 1401270022

A 43-year-old man reported a burglary to a coin operated ice dispensing machine at 14617 Northwest Boulevard to Corpus Christi Police Monday morning. The 43-year-old man told Officers he discovered the door to the machine broken but no money was taken.

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 21:51

Location: 4200 Leopard Street

Offense: Theft of a Firearm (Penal Code Section 31.03) State Jail Felony

Case Number: 1401250145

Corpus Christi Police arrested 19-year-old Justin Gutierrez (8/12/1994) for a warrant for his arrest, theft of a firearm, evading arrest, and resisting arrest at the 4200 block of Leopard Street Saturday night. A Corpus Christi Police Officer conducted a traffic stop at 9:51pm when he saw a brown 2006 Chevrolet Impala drive on the 4200 block of Leopard Street with an inoperable headlight. The Officer noticed a smell of contraband and investigated the source of the odor. The Officer investigated Gutierrez, who was the front passenger of the car, and Gutierrez ran from the Officer. The Officer apprehended captured Gutierrez and found bags of what the Officer believes is synthetic marijuana. Gutierrez also had a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear to court. The Officer discovered Gutierrez also had a pistol which the Officer discovered was stolen from an address in Corpus Christi in November 2013. The Officer also learned the operator of the vehicle, Reekah Hernandez (10/13/1992) also had a warrant for her arrest. The vehicle was impounded and the Officer delivered Gutierrez and Hernandez to the city detention center.

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 14:25

Location: 11200 Up River Road

Offense: Burglary of a Habitation (Penal Code Section 30.02) 2nd Degree Felony

Case Number: 1401250077

A 72-year-old woman reported a burglary to her home on the 11200 block of Up River Road to Corpus Christi Police Saturday. The 72-year-old woman told Officers she believes an unknown person entered her home through a pet door without permission and stole several tools from her garage.

“Bravo” District

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 14:04

Location: 1000 Purdue Road

Offense: Criminal Trespass (Penal Code Section 28.03) Class B Misdemeanor

Case Number: 1401250075

Corpus Christi Police found several people inside a vacant house on the 1000 block of Purdue Road without permission Saturday afternoon. Corpus Christi Police responded to a complaint of juveniles inside a house for sale and causing damage. Responding Officers arrived and saw six people jump out of a second floor window and run from the home. The Officers caught all of those who ran which were four men (three age 17 and one age 19), a 15-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl.   Officers contacted the home owner and learned the people had no permission to be inside. The Officers also learned the six people used a rock to break a back window to gain access into the vacant house. The Officers released the six to parents and continue to investigate the complaints of Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass, and Evading Detention. No arrests have yet been made.

“Charlie” District

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 17:07

Location: 5488 South Padre Island Drive

Offense: Aggravated Robbery (Penal Code Section 29.03) 1st Degree Felony

Case Number: 1401250101

A 50-year-old woman reported a robbery in the parking lot of a shopping center located at 5488 South Padre Island Drive to Corpus Christi Police Saturday. The 50-year-old woman told Officers she walked in the parking lot when she was approached by a small black car and a man reached out the window and stole her purse. The 50-year-old woman told Officers she was struck by the car and it caused her a minor injury. The 50-year-old woman provided the license plate of the vehicle to Officers. Officers saw the vehicle on North Padre Island Drive near Highway 44 Officers turned around, caught up to that vehicle and conducted a stop to investigate the occupants. The Officer found evidence of the crime and arrested the driver, 42-year-old Warren Spanton (8/6/1971) and the passenger, 38-year-old Patricia Price (1/8/1976) for aggravated robbery. The Officer also found contraband which the Officer believes to be methamphetamine, so Spanton and Price were additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance. The vehicle was impounded and the Officer delivered Spanton and Price to the city detention center.

“Delta” District

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 22:19

Location: 2400 Niagara Street

Offense: Possession of Alcohol by Minor (Alcoholic Beverage Code Section 106.05) Class C Misdemeanor

Case Number: 1401250154

Corpus Christi Police detained 19 minors for underage consumption of alcohol at a house on the 2400 block of Niagara Street Saturday night.

20-year-old Jorge Martinez (11/17/1993); 17-year-old April Gonzalez (1/12/1997); 17-year-old Victoria Lopez (4/6/1996); 18-year-old Darien Rivera (3/7/1995); 17-year-old Ashley Reyna (5/4/1996); 17-year-old Willie Greenwood (1/31/1996) and 17-year-old Ian Hernandez (3/10/1996) were arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor and delivered to the city detention center.  Four 16-year-old girls, two 16-year-old boys, two 14-year-old girls, two 13-year-old girls, a 15-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were issued citations for possession of alcohol by minor and delivered to their parents.

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