Police Offer Solutions at CCAL Meeting

The Corpus Christi Police Property Crimes Investigator supervisor, Lieutenant James Garrett, offered a new process to file shoplifting cases from local stores the monthly Corpus Christi Against Loss meeting hosted by the The Corpus Christi Police Department at the La Palmera Mall Wednesday.

The Corpus Christi Against Loss monthly meetings are held every third Wednesday at 10:00am at the La Palmera Mall. The meetings are attended by the loss prevention representatives, district managers for local businesses, and by Corpus Christi Police supervisors. The purpose of the meetings is to disseminate and exchange information about property crime trends and identify criminals.

Lieutenant James Garrett provided envelopes to the loss prevention representatives that outline needed material and evidence in order to successfully prosecute shoplifting cases. Lieutenant Garrett said this effort to streamline information will provide speedy trials and successful prosecutions for those arrested for theft. The checklist of items required for prosecution is printed on the outside of the envelope so that the items are to be placed inside the envelope for the district attorneys presentation in court.

The items required in the envelope for prosecution include store video and receipts which the police officers are unable to access without assistance from store employees. This checklist on the envelope is a system to prevent mistake or incomplete packages of information that delays and reduces the prosecution of offenders.

District Attorney Skurka made an appearance this Wednesday to provide the district attorneys office perspective on the new process to file criminal cases against those that commit theft. All in attendance agreed that the goal is successful prosectutions of all offenders.