Drunk Driver Caught As He Staggers Away From Accident

Occurred on 2/3/12, 11:58 p.m.  Driving  While Intoxicated  2900 Houston     1202030004/C1200787   

An Officer arriving to a traffic accident was directed by witnesses to a Hispanic male who was staggering down the street.  Cresencio Nunez-Perez (02/13/83) who appeared to be very intoxicated was detained.

Further investigation revealed Nunez-Perez was traveling westbound on Houston when he lost control of his gray 1999 Ford Ranger pick-up truck striking a sewer manhole, breaking the cover.  Nunez-Perez drove back across the street, striking the fence and clipping the porch at 2937 Houston.                

Nunez-Perez was administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests and a Blood Draw.  He was medically cleared and arrested.  Nunez-Perez was charged with Driving While Intoxicated.