Corpus Christi Retirement Ceremony

The Corpus Christi Police Department honored several members from its rank and file today with a retirement ceremony.

The citizen of Corpus Christi lost a total of 392 years of community service experience today when 16 employes retired from the department. These individuals include both civilian and sworn personal from several different units within the department.

Civilian                                                       Sworn

Gail Colman – CSR                                     Stephen Mylett – Asst. Chief

Maria Carmona – SSA                              Nancy Lee – Lt.

Inez Comfort – CG                                     Ronald Ordner – Lt.

Shannon Dukes – Metr.                           Tony Acevedo – S/O

Olga Hinojosa – SSA                                 Charles Bartels – S/O

Debby Hughes – CSR                                Michael Degado – S/O

Bill Noonan – CSR                                     Chistopher Hunter – S/O

                                                                         Michael Trimyer – S/O

                                                                         Yolanda Trujillo – S/O

Each of the retires received a plaque honoring their time of service from Chief of Police Badaracco, along with a warm reception from current and retired personal from the department.

On behalf of the Corpus Christi Police Department, we want to congratulate each and every one of you on your retirement. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication, for each one of you have left an everlasting mark that makes this police department what it is today.