Local Law Enforcement – Partnership for a Safer Community

Occurred on 9/22/11,   4:43 PM   Warrant of Arrest   4600 Salazar   1109220114

Alberto Puebla (9/15/1973)

When the CCPD implemented a CompStat program about two years ago, one goal was to bring local Law Enforcement together to fight crime and improve the quality of life in our Community.  The economy and a mobile criminal population make these partnerships a necessity.  As leaner budgets and smaller pools of employees challenge local Law Enforcement, new and more efficient ways of keeping our Community safe have to be planned and acted upon.  CompStat is a great venue to promote that collaboration.

A recent example of this ‘bridge building’ is a growing partnership between the Nueces County Adult Probation Department and the CCPD.  The Nueces County Adult Probation Department is sharing lists of absconders (individuals wanted for Probation Warrants) with the CCPD and both agencies as well as the Community are benefiting.

This is how the program works:

The Probation Department sends the CCPD a list of wanted probationers (both felony and misdemeanor).  The list of absconders goes to the Analysts working in the CCPD CATIC (Crime Analysis and Tactical Intelligence Center).  The Analysts research the wanted individuals and put together an information packet that is sent to the CCPD Patrol Officers.  The Officers then look for the wanted individuals on their patrol districts in the time they have between dispatched calls.

This partnership has already begun yielding success.  On Thursday afternoon (9/22/11) at about 3:30 PM, the CATIC Analysts distributed information on Alberto Puebla (9/15/1973). Puebla was wanted for a Probation Violation warrant, but his original charge was Burglary of a Building, a felony in Texas.  At about 4:45 PM, less than one & ½ hours after the information was sent out, a Patrol Officer went to a residence in the 4600 block of Salazar and arrested Puebla for the warrant.

This example provides a clear understanding of how local Law Enforcement agencies in and around the Corpus Christi area are working together to reduce crime and enhance public safety in our Community.