Got Weed???

Occurred 9/22/11 – 9:39 p.m.   1050 Nueces Bay   Poss. Marijuana/ Warrant/Resisting    1109220160

An alert patrol officer stopped Cosme Zapata(10-15-67) outside the Stripes store on Nueces Bay after the officer observed Zapata acting suspiciously. The Officer had observed Zapata walking through the field adjacent to the store, but Zapata stopped  when he saw the patrol car.  When the Officer drove around the store, Zapata again began to walk away from the area where the Officer was parked. The Officer  finally contacted  Zapata, who quickly told the Officer that he had marijuana in his pocket. Zapata then retrieved the marijuana from his pants pocket and  handed it to the Officer. When the Officer attempted to arrest Zapata for the marijuana, Zapata became upset and resisted. Zapata fought with the officer for a brief moment and then was handcuffed. He was found to have an outstanding warrant for probation violation as well.

Zapata was arrested for the Marijuana, warrant and Resisting Arrest.