Officers Apprehend Two Burglars At Yeager Elementary

Occurred 9/19/11, 03:13 a.m.   Burglary of a Building   5414 Tripoli     1109190024 

Officers responded to Yeager Elementary for an alarm.  Upon their arrival, Officers heard a loud noise towards the back area of the school.   Officers apprehend and detained Devin Joel Bazan (03/29/93) and his 14-year-old Hispanic female accomplice.  Further investigation revealed the two had entered the school through an unlocked door and taken a rolling computer chair and a hand-held grabber.  Both items were thrown down from the second floor to the first floor making the loud noise Officers heard as they arrived.  Both suspects smelled of an alcoholic beverage and appeared to be intoxicated.  Bazan was arrested and booked at the CDC.  He was charged with Burglary of a Building, Consume of Alcoholic by a Minor, Criminal Trespass, and Inducing Curfew.    The 14-year-old female was released to her mother, but charges are pending for Burglary of a Building, Consume of Alcohol by a Minor, Criminal Trespass, and Violating Curfew.  The stolen property was found outside the fenced area and returned to maintenance staff.