Cole Park Skate Park Vandalized, Two Vandals Arrested

Occurred 9/18/11, 05:54 a.m.  Graffiti Arrests   Cole Park Skate Park     1109180048 

Officers responded to the Cole Park Skate Park for vandals spray painting graffiti in the bowl of the skate park.  Upon their arrival, Officers two males had fled towards Oleander Park.  John Sanchez (09/03/93) and Nicholas Rodriquez (02/21/92) were captured, but a third suspect was able to escape.  A witness reported to Officers he observed the suspects exit from a blue Mustang, walk towards the skate park armed with a black backpack.  One of the suspects was observed to be carrying a spray can. The backpack was found by Officers and found to be filled with spray cans.  Both Sanchez and Rodriguez denied knowing the owner of the Mustang, but Officers contacted the registered owner who told them her son had left in the Mustang accompanied by both Sanchez and Rodriguez.  Sanchez and Rodriguez were both arrested and booked at the CDC.  They were both charged with Graffiti ~ Pecuniary Loss less than $20,000 which is a State Jail Felony.  The blue Mustang was released to the owner