Nabbed Fugitive Gets Rowdy

3:01 a.m./09.16.11   3100 Elgin   Poss. Cont. Sub., Resisting Arrest, Failed to ID, & Warrant   1109160020

While officers were watching a suspected drug house they observed a vehicle drive up, make a transaction and then quickly drive off. After following the vehicle a short distance they observed the vehicle commit a traffic violation therefore they pulled the car over. Upon doing so they contacted both the driver and the passenger of the vehicle. The female passenger gave officers an incorrect name, as officers continued to question her they discovered her real name was Crystal Hall (9.21.72) and that she had a warrant for her arrest. Subsequently she was placed under arrest. During the arrest they located six baggies of Crack Cocaine in her possession therefore she was additionally charged.

As she was being transported to the City Detention Center, Crystal became belligerent and attempted to pull away and kick at the officers.

The driver of the vehicle was citied and released.